Getting Started With Version Control

Favour Nzubechukwu Chibuokem
3 min readMar 2, 2020

Version control is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so you can recall specific versions later.

Contrary to popular belief, version control systems (VCS) are not only needed by software developers. As a techie or non-techie, version control systems are a failsafe system that saves us from losing tons of work, we spent many hours doing. As often happens with people I’ve met here at the university, they type their term papers, projects, and research on their PCs; then somehow, just a few days before their defence or submission, their PCs suddenly crash (Some jinx, huh?). Beyond the work lost when a PC suddenly crashes or gets lost, there is often the need to evaluate previous versions of the work; to compare knowledge or fix mistakes in the most recent version. Unfortunately, the PC saves only the most recent version of the work, and Ctrl-Z suddenly bails on the relationship (I mean, how much can one take in a one-sided relationship?🤷‍♀️ ).

Luckily, there are a lot of version control systems that are available. The most popular one is Git. It is free to use and has a lot of tools available to help you learn how to use it. Services like Github and Bitbucket are built on Git. There certainly are others like SVN Beanstalk, PerForce, Mercurial and many more.

If you are looking for a version control system to work with as a non-techie or someone new in tech, even still an oldie in tech looking to explore beyond the CLI (Command Line Interface), GitKraken might just be for you. GitKraken is a Git GUI (Graphic User Interface) client. Simply put, rather than writing commands to be implemented on the terminal, you simply click, click and voila, your command is implemented. GitKraken has many features that make it the ‘go-to’ for anybody at all looking to get started with version control systems.

It is also safer than unknowingly imputing the wrong command. One of the more intimidating parts of learning a VCS, especially through the CLI, is that if you do it wrong, then hocus pocus, your caffeine-filled nights of writing codes, fixing bugs, implementing new designs, working on a school project, anything at all really, disappears. GitKraken is also designed not just for individuals running solo organizations but also for medium and large-sized organizations, having a GitKraken Board, which is used to create and assign tasks, and then track the progress of those tasks. It comes with a beautiful dark theme and many more amazing features.

Here’s an article on getting started with GitKraken to walk you through the basics:

Their desktop app interface is very User-Friendly and easy to navigate, so you need not worry about finding your way or getting the hang of it.

They have a great support community and are always improving the tool. Getting started is free and easy. If you have not already downloaded GitKraken, you can do that right now using my referral link: my-referral-link

No matter how you use a VCS, I am sure you will think back and wonder how you ever managed to work without one.



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